Behind flagship stores hawking big-name luxury brands and hidden in the back streets of Tokyo’s shopping district of Omotesando is a café that almost isn’t there — unless you are looking for it.

Omotesando Koffee is a pop-up café residing in a 60-year old traditional Japanese house. The café is easy to miss as there are no signages. That’s part of the charm, really. Outside, the house is all wood, bamboo and thatch.

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Await Café 珈琲工坊, Kuala Lumpur

Sitting in this cosy café, I am lifted by the aroma of coffee being brewed before me. Is it a Blue Mountain, a Mandheling or beans from Costa Rica? I cannot tell. But I know I like the feeling of being enveloped by this fragrance, this comforting coffee essence. The barista is now slowly serving me the cup of Mandheling I had ordered earlier. I take a sip. Bitter, sour, a tinge of sweet. The different flavours trip over one another on my tongue; they…Continue Reading “Await Café 珈琲工坊, Kuala Lumpur”