If you happen to pass by this shop, you might think it’s only a bicycle shop. Inspect it more closely and you will discover that, in addition to selling biking accessories and attire, it is also a coffee bar!

Rapha Cycle Club is apparently a famous biking club with its own outlets and clothing line, so a café is certainly not something out of the question. My cyclist pals from around the world would definitely love it here.

For me, however, I’m not here for the wheels, if you haven’t guessed that already.

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Located right in the centre of Robertson Quay/Martin Road, a popular expatriate neighbourhood in Singapore, Common Man Coffee Roasters offers great coffee. A collaboration between Forty Hands café (itself the baby of Perth native and master barista Harry Grover) and Australian coffee roaster Five Senses, Common Man has a distinctive, almost Melbournian coffee shop ambiance.

Besides coffee (we had a cappuccino and a single origin Costa Rica drip), the brunch offerings here also dazzle. The French toast was crisp on the outside and pillow-soft when biting into it. Add a drizzle of maple syrup, some fruit, and you have a perfect breakfast.

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