On a balmy weekend morning, we visit Toby’s Estate, an Australian café situated at Robertson Quay in Singapore. Just like its headquarters in Sydney, this coffee hotspot draws in the crowds. Even though it is still early, most of the outdoor tables are already packed.

After a brief wait, our server seats us at the window bar. We sit on high stools looking at the human traffic outside. Inside the central communal table has hungry diners elbow-to-elbow.

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For some reason I’m rapidly gaining an unfounded reputation as a coffee snob, and café-hopping in Brazil is not helping.

I am surrounded by labels: Louis Vuitton, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Giorgio Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, Reinaldo Lourenço. The only one I recognise and can afford is Havaianas, but somehow I suspect wearing a pair of flip-flops, even branded ones, isn’t the right apparel for coffee here.

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When I first visited London, I discovered that if the locals talked about coffee, inevitably the name Monmouth would come up. This old café initially started in Covent Garden in 1978. In addition to serving and selling coffee, Monmouth also roasted their own beans.

As the business got better over the years, the owners opened another branch near Borough Market. The roastery was then moved to Maltby Street in Bermondsey.

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