Hidden in a residential neighbourhood, beside the Odakyu Line tracks and across the road from Yoyogi Park, is a small café. It is small enough that it calls itself a mere “coffee stand” though there are a few benches outside that smokers and lovers of the outdoors would appreciate.

Little Nap Coffee Stand is run by music lover Daisuke Hamada so there are always some good indie tunes playing when you enter his domain. The beans offered here are roasted by Hamada and a friend, and there are the usual espresso-based options as well as single origin drip coffee.

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It’s my last day in London, and my friends have invited me out for a Michelin-starred meal. After our lunch, I look at my watch and see that I still have some time before I have to catch my plane.

Dr. Mouse suggested that we adjourn to a café nearby so that we could have afternoon tea. (This is England, after all.) He should have known better though; it’s not tea I’m after. (This blog is called “Coffee for Beginners”, after all.)

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