It’s the last weekend before I head home. Time to inspect the list of London cafés that Kenny drew up for me yet again. There are far too many coffee bars that I’d love to visit but there are only that many hours in a day.

In the end it boils down to a shortlist of cafés that are central and easily accessible. I’m a tourist, after all. Better yet, a café with other great cafés nearby would leapfrog to the top of my list.

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Singapore is a coffee and café haven. We know this yet we despair sometimes of finding a spot that is not overrun by crowds on the island. Some place other than the run-of-the-mill hipster café (complete with industrial chic décor and bearded tattooed baristas) would be most welcome.

Imagine our surprise when we managed to uncover a secret sanctuary… hidden in a hospital of all places! Make that the eighth floor of the Novena Medical Centre, a brisk walk from the Novena MRT station. Who knew?

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Located next to La Cité Internationale des Arts, an artists residence in the 4th arrondissement, La Caféothèque is considered a pioneer of specialty coffee scene in Paris. Here you may enjoy some of the best brews in the French capital with picturesque views of the Seine.

This café is a labour of love by Gloria Montenegro, a former Ambassador of Guatemala. Lamenting the lack of good coffee in her adopted city, she started her own café and roastery, and ultimately started her own movement.

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