On our second day in Prague, we decide to start our morning with another cup of coffee at mamacoffee. This time, instead of our first visit to their downtown outlet, we wander to their original café in the quieter neighbourhood of Londýnská. This café is older and much smaller but benefits from winsome outdoor seating, perfect to enjoy rays of sun streaming through the shrubbery during summer.

Inside plenty of air plants hang from the ceiling and walls, giving the entire space the feel of a bohemian greenhouse. As we aren’t particularly hungry, we only order a walnut muffin to go with our hand-brewed black coffee and cappuccino. Simple but good.

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Our first visit to Screaming Beans was two years ago. At the time we were returning from our South American journey and transiting at Schipol Airport. Given eight hours of transit time, we opted to take a 20-minute train to Amsterdam and walk around the city.

We’ve been here several times before so the canals and “coffee shops” were familiar to us. Ah, but now we had the opportunity to track down a real espresso and brew bar. The real stuff – by which I mean coffee, and not other stimulating substances.

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