Dear readers, you may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet this month. Let us assure you that, even with home renovations and various deadlines to contend with, we haven’t neglected our café hopping duties in a variety of coffee capitals. Next year, you will see fresh posts on Copenhagen, Wellington, Stockholm, Utrecht, and other caffeinated locales.

Till then, it’s high time we share a few articles that highlight café trends written by Kenny and photographed by CK, all from The Malay Mail Online. Enjoy!

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George Clooney stares at us as we enter the café.

The one-time Batman star (the one with the rubber nipples) may hawking Nespresso machines these days but there’s no sign of those multi-coloured capsules here (thankfully). Instead Bald Neu is one of the few coffee bars in Munich that actually serves Third Wave-style brews.

This is no mean feat considering the Bavarian capital is heavily influenced by their southern neighbour (cue copious amounts of bold Italian espressos). Berlin may be the centre of German specialty coffee but Munich is keen on catching up. Cafés like Bald Neu lead this positive trend.

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