This isn’t a café you’d accidentally stumble on. Nestled on the quiet corner of Bond & Lombard St., Lamason Brew Bar serves cups of espresso and filter coffee brewed using the V60 too, but its claim to game is its passionate focus on the siphon coffee-making method.

Opened in 2011 by Dave Lamason, formerly Peoples Coffee’s barista trainer, the brew bar isn’t the only café in Wellington to offer siphon-brewed coffee. However, once you find it (tucked under a parking building) and enter, you’ll understand its appeal and loyal following.

Bold red window frames invite you to peer in. While there is some seating outdoors, it’s inside that you want to be, the better to see the theatrical “performance” of brewing coffee using a siphon at the bar. In fact, the bar takes up nearly the entire length of the interior.

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Originally introduced to the West by Masaaki Imai, Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. While typically used as part of business strategy, Australian-educated Thai barista Bow Anw and two partners are redefining the term to showcase the growth and journey of specialty coffee in Bangkok.

Located on the quiet end of Ekamai (far away from the BTS station), Kaizen Coffee Co. has an über clean, all white décor. Minimalist lines are the only furnishings (if one could call it that) on the feature wall. This helps to put all the attention on the coffee, particularly the process of brewing it, thanks to a prominent espresso and brew bar.

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We are introduced to Supremo Kaffeerösterei by Klaus Hierer, barista and owner of KiezKantine Neuhausen in Munich. Klaus gets his beans from Supremo, a Bavaria-based coffee roaster, and if his brews are anything to judge by, Supremo does a great job with sourcing and roasting their beans.

Supremo’s Kaffeerösterei (coffee roastery) is located in the quiet suburbs of Unterhaching, that is about half an hour away via the S3 S-Bahn towards Holzkirchen. We are greeted by a nondescript white building that looks not unlike a small factory of sorts. Inside is a different story…

There is a spacious seating area overlooking the gardens of neighbours opposite the streets. There is a store with bags of roasted beans and shelves of brewing equipment. Inside the roastery, the magic happens with freshly roasted direct trade microlot coffees, single origin beans and Cup Of Excellence selections.

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Visit Christchurch, and Black Betty is one of the first cafés a local will think of when you ask for a recommendation. Opened in February 2011 by veteran barista Hamish Evans, the café had to shut down three weeks later when the earthquake struck.

Undeterred, Evans reopened Black Betty as a pop-up seven weeks later when most other businesses were still closed. The new Black Betty is converted from a café bookshop and so attracts a young student crowd. Evans also owns Switch Espresso, a coffee roaster business, so we’re able to enjoy both a flat white and a siphon brew when we drop by Black Betty.

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