This is the first in a series of city-specific café-hopping guides around the world, based on our articles in Sunday Mail’s Crave magazine.

They say you aren’t a true-blue specialty coffee lover till you make a pilgrimage to Melbourne for some of the best brews in the world. So entrenched is the city’s strong coffee culture with independent cafés and micro-roasters that even international coffee chains have struggled to make a headway here.

No surprise there: Melburnians are fiercely proud of their coffee and rightly so. We visit some of the best cafés in town for our “Down Under cuppa” experience.

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Perhaps no other coffee shop has a better views than Quartier Putain. Located on Oudekerksplein right in the middle of Red Light District, the café overlooks the 800-year-old parish church Oude Kerk and is within calling distance of the infamous prostitutes in windows.

In fact, that’s how Quartier Putain got its name, which means “prostitute quarter” in French. Sandwiched between the city’s oldest building and lure of the world’s oldest profession, this coffee shop has to work especially hard to draw in both the devout and the deviant.

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