Hipsters in Cape Town are flocking to The Old Biscuit Mill, a former – you guessed it – biscuit factory that has undergone a revitalization of sorts and perhaps the key reason for Woodstock’s rapid change. The brick-red façade of the former mill is well-preserved; clean white lines frame it crisply. While many shops have flamboyant store fronts, one stands apart due to its distinct lack of colour. Espresso Lab Microroasters is all black and white with occasional spots of crimson to draw your attention….Continue Reading “Espresso Lab Microroasters, Cape Town”

Sometimes good things can happen when things go wrong. There we were, at our hotel lobby, wondering what to eat and where to go, when it started drizzling. A full rainstorm would ensue later, but since we were in the Bugis heritage area, there was still time to wander around and check out options closer to the hotel. (Plus, this is Singapore. It’s not exactly the largest place in the world.) As luck would have it, barely a couple of minutes away by foot, we…Continue Reading “Curious Palette, Singapore”