This “hole-in-the-wall” café might well be the smallest in the city, so here’s a tip: look out for the one with chairs hanging from the ceiling.

That’s right – an entire ceiling of wooden chairs floats above your head as you join the line of suits and ties waiting for their coffees to go at Brother Baba Budan. From the fading, peeling wallpaper to the name (the same 17th-century Sufi mentioned earlier), this café exudes a vintage coffee bar aura.

The small space means Brother Baba Budan is designed for takeaway cuppas; you’d be lucky to grab a seat at the communal table or the small bar. Coffees are similarly back-to-basics, using excellent beans from Seven Seeds; definitely no syrup-drenched chai lattes here. Our V60-brewed Colombia Carlos Diaz Majin has a clean, bright taste with notes of grapefruit.

There are nibbles such as carrot cake and banana bread available, but really, with coffee this good, you’d want to fully immerse yourself in your brew. Sip slowly and enjoy.

Brother Baba Budan是一家朋友們都極力推薦的咖啡館,
雖然有點低調的設在Little Bourke St的巷弄里,

Brother Baba Budan所用的豆子來自Seven Seeds。
由V60所沖泡的Colombia Carlos Diaz Majin,
Brother Baba Budan的店面空間不大,

Brother Baba Budan
359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Mon-Sat 7am-5pm / Sun 8am-5pm

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June 26, 2014



I’m sure they test to make sure the chairs don’t fall down. A nice, surreal feeling drinking coffee beneath chair legs instead of stars, eh? 😉

wah, managed to grab some really nice photos to capture the feel of this place even though it was so crowded, ya. heheh, the chairs on the ceiling … the true inspiration for plan b in publika, yes … i wanna see a cafe someday with motor-cycles hanging from the ceiling 😀

Thanks thanks, I think the pics are not that great lah. The place was too crowded and I a bit paiseh to take pics. Hope can revisit BBB again to take nicer photos, hehe.
Motorcycles? No thanks, that’s a bit scary! Hahaha.

CK 你的愛人 真的很浪漫一下 哈哈
浪漫的人 看的東西就是不一樣
我在 publika 的 plan b 一直覺得那些椅子在空中 很 …. 😛

對囉 ~~ 老外很普遍將咖啡帶走
我們這裡 比較喜歡窩在咖啡館 或許 是享受那個氛圍

據說Plan B的靈感來自這裡呢,呵呵。

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