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This café takes some searching; it’s hidden away in one of the small streets in the old neighbourhood of Nijo-Yanaginobanba in Kyoto. But once it’s sighted, it’s impossible to mistake it for anything else — it’s the only machiya (traditional Japanese townhouse) on the street with the large banana plants in the storefront (the thick cover of wide green leaves themselves almost eclipsed by a row of neatly parked bicycles).

The interior of Café Bibliotic Hello! is certainly most awe-inspiring, even for a specialty café — a book café — the requisite wall of books do not stop when they reach the ceiling but instead continue stretching up to the second floor, where we hover over metal walkways and look down past the wooden rafters upon the other patrons lost in their reading. It is almost as though we are transported to a library designed by industrialist architects.

And what a bohemian environment! Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangements) can be found all over the café while the barista switches the music from Emi Fujita to Sufjan Stevens. Two young girls in kimonos sit at the large wooden communal table, nibbling at their small and beautiful slices of cakes. A group of graphic designers huddle over a coffee table discussing their latest project. (They are later replaced by a solitary man in office attire occupying the entire space by himself, silently drinking coffee alone. We are impressed with how the staff allow him to be and to take his time; a similar scenario in KL would certainly have a waiter at one’s elbow requesting one to change to a smaller table.)

This is a place where one can relax and succumb to the magic and charm of good coffee and the company of a really good book, and so we do. There’s no better way to spend an afternoon.

但有一家咖啡館是馬少很想去的,那就是Café Bibliotic Hello!。
其實那時也不是爲了要喝咖啡,而是聽聞這是一家book café;

Café Bibliotic Hello! 位於二條通那的住宅區內;

我們選了一張靠窗的小桌,在我們傍邊是一張大型communal table;

Café Bibliotic Hello!
650 Seimei-cho, Nijo Dori, Yanaginobanba-higashi iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Mon-Sun 11:30am-12am

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