Casa Lapin x49 and Casa Lapin xAri, Bangkok

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Just off the busy Sukhumvit Soi 55 in Thonglor is possibly the smallest café in Bangkok. Casa Lapin, which means “the rabbit’s home” in French, is the brainchild of architect Suraphan Tanta. Exasperated with the lack of good coffee in the capital, Tanta opened this hole-in-the-wall café in 2012 after a year of barista training in Chiang Mai.

Since then, two new “rabbit holes” have appeared. Casa Lapin X 49 is hidden in a small alley off Sukhumvit Soi 49. The mild claustrophobia of the original gives way to a cosier space here (though to call it roomy would be a stretch). Dark glass bottles sitting on the ceiling-high wooden shelves give this café a laboratory feel. Random vases of wildflowers and warm lighting encourage lazy afternoons of flipping through art books while nursing a cappuccino.

Their newest branch, Casa Lapin X Ari, is situated next to the BTS Skytrain of the same name. This Brooklyn-inspired café has an industrial ambiance with DIY wooden stools and design magazines scattered along the walls. Relax in this hipster haven where baristas will carefully brew your single origin drip coffee for you.

去年三月去曼谷玩時,曾造訪了一家位於Sukhumvit Soi 55 的小咖啡館,Casa Lapin。
當我們十一月再訪曼谷時,得知Casa Lapin開了另外兩家分店。
(在法語裡頭Lapin是兔子的意思) 第一家是近來剛開張的Casa Lapin X Ari,就位於Ari BTS Skytrain附近。
木質的桌椅,大片落地窗,寬敞有冷氣的店面,熱鬧異常, 完全顛覆了第一家Casa Lapin給我們的感覺。

第三家Casa Lapin X 49則位於Sukhumvit Soi 49那。
要來這家咖啡館最簡單的是搭計程車, 因為它距離地鐵站有點遠,記得我們走了好一陣子才抵達咖啡館那。
不過馬少依然試了他們的熱咖啡flat white。
香草雪糕加上香濃的espresso,一陣清涼的,非常舒服。 而這的flat white雖然沒有美美的拉花,不過口感均衡,順滑可口。
這家隱藏在巷弄的兔子洞沒有Casa Lapin X Ari來得大, 也不及它熱鬧,佈置和裝潢另外兩家也不同。

Casa Lapin X 49
Soi Songphinong, Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok, Thailand
Mon-Sun 7:30am-9:30pm

Casa Lapin X Ari
1/F, Noble Reform, Phahon Yothin Soi 7, Bangkok, Thailand
Mon-Sun 7am-10pm

Kenny is a writer. CK is a photographer. Together they café-hop around the world and have contributed to The Malay Mail Online, Time Out, and other cool publications. Read more of Kenny’s stories at Life for Beginners and check out CK’s photography at Devil's Tales 胡思亂想.

14 thoughts on “Casa Lapin x49 and Casa Lapin xAri, Bangkok

  1. rabbit holes, perfect for a visiting rabbit! both look super-cozy … if i ever have the chance to own a cafe in the very distant future, i’d like my place to look like either of these two places 😀

  2. 你走路到 X49 ~~ 所以走路雖然有距離 應該也還ok 吧 哈哈
    這家我很想去 不過 之前研究了地圖 感覺不好找
    之前我也從 BTS 走到 Soi 55 所以直覺上 走到 x49 應該沒問題 😛
    ( btw .. 你的畫面 真的很美麗 好喜歡 )

    1. 我們那時是從酒店那(靠近Phrom Phong地鐵站附近)走去,走了整二十多分鐘吧。
      謝謝影子,我的照片還好啦,你的才好看。喜歡你拍的照片,很有感覺。 🙂

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