Casa Lapin, Bangkok

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It’s another sweltering Bangkok afternoon. Thong Lor is an endless stream of cars, buses and motorcycle taxis, their riders in bright orange vests. Colour and heat.

To escape it, we slip into a café facing the main road yet sheltered from the bustle. A barista slowly, gently brews coffee for his customers. The aroma washes away the terror of the traffic in the streets outside. Old records play old songs, familiar yet fresh again in this place new to us.

This is a sanctuary.

We order our coffees. We sit on metal flip chairs, sipping and chatting. The shy barista, whose name we discover is Sand, doesn’t say much. He’s very attentive when brewing coffee but calm also. A regular customer comes in, platform shoes and crimson lipstick. A few words exchanged, but mostly she is watching him make her coffee, mesmerised like we are.

We pretend, just for a moment, that we are part of this world too.

When he’s not looking, we take a picture of him, of the café, of this good memory.

偷偷地告訴你,這家神秘的咖啡館叫Casa Lapin。

Casa Lapin
Thonglor Art Village (between Soi 17 and 19), 353/2, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Mon-Fri 8:30am-8:30pm / Sat-Sun 10:30am-8:30pm

Kenny is a writer. CK is a photographer. Together they café-hop around the world and have contributed to The Malay Mail Online, Time Out, and other cool publications. Read more of Kenny’s stories at Life for Beginners and check out CK’s photography at Devil's Tales 胡思亂想.

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    1. Do go visit! You’d love it; it has the sort of café atmosphere you like — uncrowded and perfect for letting your eyes wander over all the small details.

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