Truth Coffee Roasting, Cape Town

Who knew Cape Town is home to the world’s best coffee shop? Well, according to the Daily Telegraph, that honour goes to Truth Coffee in the South African capital. Looking like something that came out of The Fifth Element, the coffee shop founded by David Donde is a paradise for steampunk fanatics. We marvel at… the entire café, covered by South African designer Haldane Martin with aged metal piping, repurposed machinery and stripped wooden floors. This is a factory of dreams and of artisanal coffee….Continue Reading “Truth Coffee Roasting, Cape Town”

Glitch Coffee & Roasters: Jimbocho

We enter the coffee shop on a rainy day, glad to escape the weather. We leave the behind us the dusty bookstores, crammed floor to ceiling with old and used books. We leave behind the aging noodle shops and the shower-slicked streets of Jimbocho. Here at Glitch Coffee & Roasters is an entire world hidden away yet very much part of the neighbourhood its owner, 2014 Japan AeroPress Champion Kiyokazu Suzuki, has chosen. This space isn’t meant to be busy or fashionable; quite the opposite….Continue Reading “Glitch Coffee Jimbocho, Tokyo”

One of our favourite coffee stops in Tokyo is Fuglen near Yoyogi Park, especially during summer where the low wooden benches outside are perfect for enjoying the sun while nursing freshly brewed coffee. Part of the charm is knowing that the café is a retro-cool import from Norway, fully embraced by trendy Tokyoites. So when we finally find ourselves in the Norwegian capital, we make a beeline to downtown Oslo where the original Fuglen resides. Easily recognisable thanks to their distinctive red-and-white bird logo –…Continue Reading “Fuglen, Oslo”

Unlike the Japanese capital, Kyoto isn’t exactly known as a bastion for specialty coffee. Well-preserved machiya (traditional townhouses)? Check. World heritage sites, from Buddhist temples to Shinto shrines? Check. Single origin pour-overs? Well, that’s more of a rarity here. So it is a pleasant surprise to discover a gem of a café, not in the bustling city centre but further north near the grand Nijo Castle, hidden away in an alley-way. Clamp Coffee Sarasa was founded by barista-roaster Tomonori Kanbara after he was invited to…Continue Reading “Clamp Coffee Sarasa, Kyoto”

If you’re strolling along the picturesque margins of the historic Lakes in Copenhagen, chances are you wouldn’t mind some coffee and a little bite afterwards. (Even a slow walk whilst enjoying the view must count as exercise, surely?) One good spot to resolve these minor cravings is Estate Coffee, small coffee shop across the street from the Planetarium. Founded in 2000 by Søren Sylvest, Estate Coffee is a pioneer of the Danish specialty coffee scene, offering lighter roasts when that was still a wild concept….Continue Reading “Coffee First, Copenhagen”