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If you’re strolling along the picturesque margins of the historic Lakes in Copenhagen, chances are you wouldn’t mind some coffee and a little bite afterwards. (Even a slow walk whilst enjoying the view must count as exercise, surely?)

One good spot to resolve these minor cravings is Estate Coffee, small coffee shop across the street from the Planetarium. Founded in 2000 by Søren Sylvest, Estate Coffee is a pioneer of the Danish specialty coffee scene, offering lighter roasts when that was still a wild concept.

Five years later, Sylvest launched Estate Coffee’s micro roastery, Copenhagen Roaster, with Claus Meyer. Fast forward another five years and their roast meister Mads Høgsted took home the 2010 Danish cup tasting championship crown.

But don’t forget the croissants, which are oh so delectable.

Today Estate Coffee has been taken over by two of their faithful regulars – Sasha and Erlinda – and been renamed Coffee First. Estate Coffee the café itself has relocated to Lyngby, a town near the Copenhagen city limits.

Despite the change of ownership, the café still retains all its charm and, yes, still serves excellent cuppas made with Estate Coffee beans.

Which goes to show: the more things change, the more they remain the same. In this case, the same is very good, very good indeed.

Estate Coffee 是丹麥精品咖啡館的先驅,
早在2000年Estate Coffee就已經開始供應以淺焙豆子泡製的咖啡,

在2015年時,Estate Coffee搬到了哥本哈根的郊外,
而原有的咖啡館則由兩位常客頂下,改名為Coffee First。
雖然換了名字,但是這裡依然供應著由Estate Coffee烘焙的豆子。

Coffee First (formerly Estate Coffee)
Gammel Kongevej 1, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mon-Fri 7:30am-8pm / Sat-Sun 9:30am-6pm
+45-33-250522 /

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