Curious Palette, Singapore

Sometimes good things can happen when things go wrong.

There we were, at our hotel lobby, wondering what to eat and where to go, when it started drizzling. A full rainstorm would ensue later, but since we were in the Bugis heritage area, there was still time to wander around and check out options closer to the hotel.

(Plus, this is Singapore. It’s not exactly the largest place in the world.)

As luck would have it, barely a couple of minutes away by foot, we found a café nestled at the corner of a row of refurbished shophouses. Enter Curious Palette at Prinsep St.

With a palette (oh you know I meant to say that) of muted tones – whites, greys, earthy and woodsy browns – the café was cool but cosy. Not quite warm and not quite glacial. Perfect for the rainy afternoon that we found ourselves sans plans.

Coffee, by the good folks of Strangers’ Reunion, was decent; the food colourful. What stood out was the staff, a team of friendly faces that one doesn’t take for granted, even when it’s called the service industry.

We left with a bag of beans to brew at home, which is always a good sign, no?

而且口碑也不錯,那就是Curious Palette。

Curious Palette是Stranger Reunion的姐妹館,
記得幾年前曾在Stranger Reunion喝過他們家的咖啡,印象還挺好的,

Curious Palette
64 Prinsep St, Singapore
Wed-Mon 9am-10pm / Tue closed