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Opened by Robbie van Luijn, who had previously worked at 30ml (another awesome specialty coffee shop in the Utrecht Centraal area), Koffie & Ik has a bit of a little United Nations ambiance. Part of the reason for this is the neighbourhood the café is located in: Lombok, named after an island in former Dutch colony Indonesia, has a colourful and diverse populace.

Koffie & Ik (which means “Coffee & I” in Dutch) is a bright, sunlit corner coffee shop. Blocky wooden chairs and tables line up outside for when the weather is fine; inside well-worn wooden floors lend some texture and contrast against white walls adorned sporadically with paintings.

For sipping, expect specialty coffee (both espresso and filter) and fine loose leaf teas. If you’re hungry, try some of Koffie & Ik’s homemade cakes and sandwiches. An open-faced sandwich with squares of goat cheese and walnuts drizzled with honey makes for a light but satisfying lunch. Sometimes heavier brunch fare is simply too much.

All that’s left to do after the last bite is to lean back, order another cup of coffee and people watch. The diversity of the customers – from grandmothers to construction crew to coffee fanatics – is part of Koffie & Ik’s charm. And this is one charming Dutch coffee shop.

其中一家就是Koffee & Ik。
Koffee & Ik翻譯成中文是咖啡與我,


Koffie & Ik
Vleutenseweg 169, 3532 HC Utrecht, Netherlands
Mon-Fri 8am–5pm / Sat 9am-5pm / Sun 10am-5pm

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