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Located next to La Cité Internationale des Arts, an artists residence in the 4th arrondissement, La Caféothèque is considered a pioneer of specialty coffee scene in Paris. Here you may enjoy some of the best brews in the French capital with picturesque views of the Seine.

This café is a labour of love by Gloria Montenegro, a former Ambassador of Guatemala. Lamenting the lack of good coffee in her adopted city, she started her own café and roastery, and ultimately started her own movement.

Today, La Caféothèque offers coffee from over 20 different countries, all of them single estates (no blends) and all roasted in-house by experienced roasters. This is sort of a Parisian coffee mecca where enthusiasts come to attend intensive industry courses while more casual coffee lovers are sipping their brews innocently in the outer salons.

And what rooms! You may consider La Caféothèque as an intimate network of intertwined salons, each with its own unique personality. The slightly dark backroom is a cave – a trunk in one corner filled with children’s toys, a piano in another. Rows of drawers offer samples of green coffee beans from around the globe.

There is a cosy lounge where pages of paperbacks are turned slowly, almost like a private library. The bar is where the action is; baristas finetuning their craft in brewing and pulling shots.

The jungle room is a city-bound sanctuary that recalls the rainforests of her original country. We sit here and enjoy the natural sunlight on a chilly spring morning. The furniture is made from rescued wood, with old paint chipping off artfully. Our coffees arrive accompanied by little pieces of dark chocolate. I bite into my pain au chocolat and it’s delicious, just like this café, this experience.

在感歎巴黎好咖啡難求下,前任的瓜地馬拉駐法大使Gloria Montenegro;
於七年前開了這麼一家叫La Caféothèque的咖啡館。


La Caféothèque de Paris
52 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris, France
Mon-Sun 9:30am-7:30pm

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9 thoughts on “La Caféothèque, Paris

  1. 第八张照片是你所谓的抽屉?
    看起来很像我去快餐店的那种汽水机,用杯子推一下咖啡豆便劈里啪喀掉出来了 XD

    1. 謝謝影子!近年來巴黎開了新一代的咖啡館,比起老牌咖啡館,多了一份寫意,少了份拘謹,而且咖啡也比較適合我們的口味。
      下次去巴黎不妨去拜訪這些咖啡館,我大力推薦Ten Belles和Cafe Lomi,呵呵。

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