This isn’t a café you’d accidentally stumble on. Nestled on the quiet corner of Bond & Lombard St., Lamason Brew Bar serves cups of espresso and filter coffee brewed using the V60 too, but its claim to game is its passionate focus on the siphon coffee-making method.

Opened in 2011 by Dave Lamason, formerly Peoples Coffee’s barista trainer, the brew bar isn’t the only café in Wellington to offer siphon-brewed coffee. However, once you find it (tucked under a parking building) and enter, you’ll understand its appeal and loyal following.

Bold red window frames invite you to peer in. While there is some seating outdoors, it’s inside that you want to be, the better to see the theatrical “performance” of brewing coffee using a siphon at the bar. In fact, the bar takes up nearly the entire length of the interior.

On one end, baristas manning a 3 group La Sanmarco 80’s Chrome machine take care of the orders of espressos and flat whites Kiwis are known for. It’s the other end you want to investigate: a show-stopping four-siphon bank of HARIO gold and wood siphons imported from Japan.

This is where the magic happens. There’s nothing quite like seeing water defy gravity thanks to the heat of the flames below, dance with coffee grounds, then sink back down through the filter into the siphon bulb. The siphon bulbs are delivered to your table for you to pour as you like into your cups.

Sip, savour and let it sink in.

當大多數的紐西蘭人都還在享用他們著名的Flat White時,
身為咖啡師培訓師的Lamason 先生卻已經開始致力於始虹吸咖啡的沖煮,

Lamason Brew Bar位於Bond & Lombard 街安靜的一角,

Lamason Brew Bar
Corner of Lombard and Bond Street, Wellington, New Zealand

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October 26, 2015

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