Hidden in a residential neighbourhood, beside the Odakyu Line tracks and across the road from Yoyogi Park, is a small café. It is small enough that it calls itself a mere “coffee stand” though there are a few benches outside that smokers and lovers of the outdoors would appreciate.

Little Nap Coffee Stand is run by music lover Daisuke Hamada so there are always some good indie tunes playing when you enter his domain. The beans offered here are roasted by Hamada and a friend, and there are the usual espresso-based options as well as single origin drip coffee.

The bean of the day is a Mandheling, and we grab our cups gratefully over the custom-built wooden counters. The interior is lovely, in a bohemian-chic sort of way, but outside the air has the just the right kind of bite for us to nurse our brews gratefully.

You are playing with our DSLR cameras, switching from one to the other. It’s nice to take a break and simply chat about our day. Tempura at the Tsukiji Fish Market, macarons and other delicate pastries at the Ginza Ladurée, and a couple of cafés before this one. Can you believe that we’ve been to three cafés already? And it’s not even dark yet.

Other folks rush from one touristy spot to another, ticking off items on their checklist. We are unable to do that. We are too in love with the streets of every city we visit, the cafés that we discover, some with a map, some by chance.

Is there anything more leisurely and blessed than sitting down on a bench, sipping on good coffee on a chilly afternoon, and enjoying each other’s company?

Is this not happiness?



Little Nap Coffee Stand
5-65-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Japan
Mon-Sat 9am-7pm / Sun closed

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March 26, 2014


‘little nap’ … such a nice name, i really like it! maybe because i always take little naps during the day nowadays 😀 and also i love eating ice cream while drinking coffee, so i think i’d order one espresso, one latte and two scoops of ice cream here (hope they have cookies & cream flavour!) 😀

If you enjoy ice cream while drinking coffee, you might want to consider adding affogatos to your regular orders when dining out. Buon appetito!

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