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“There is no specialty coffee in Munich.”

This was the conclusion we arrived at when we first contemplated returning to the city where I spent my student days over a decade ago. Being close to Italy, it’s natural that most coffee-drinkers in Bavaria would lean towards the neighbour’s robust espressos rather than lighter brews.

Also, let’s not forget that Munich is a beer haven, where Biergartens and Bierstubes serve some of the best beers in the world. So it is a nice surprise when, after some googling, we discover a Third Wave coffee bar within walking distance of our Airbnb apartment near the city centre.

Mahlefitz has a simple décor to go with its spacious layout. There is plenty of light and the hum of the roaster which you can spy through the large windows. Even before our first sip, we know there’s something good brewing here from the aromas alone.

Besides knowledgeable baristas, Mahlefitz stands out for their coffee degustation menus. The Varietäten menu offers two types of filter coffee such as a floral Ethiopia Kochere and a sugarcane-like Kenya Kiwanmururu.

To experience the difference between washed and natural processing, there’s the Aufbereitungsart menu. The Zubereitung menu offers the same single origin bean roasted differently for espresso and filter coffee. Finally for those who can’t decide between black or white, go for the Milch menu – you get to try an espresso and an espresso+milk such as a cappuccino.

Don’t forget their cold brew coffee, perfect for a Bavarian summer!


最後也不忘試了一杯口感清新的cold brew。

Mahlefitz Münchner Präzisionskaffee
Nymphenburger Straße 51, Munich, Germany
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm / Sat 9am-5pm / Sun closed

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12 thoughts on “Mahlefitz, Munich

  1. 這家咖啡館看起來好舒服喔
    很俐落的設計 線條好美
    還有…. 我去慕尼黑的話 可能會忘記咖啡 哈哈哈
    畢竟 可能會一直喝酒 😛

    1. 其實有些豆子的花香和果香味很明顯的,像Ethiopia、Panama Geisha的豆子(如果不是過度烘焙的話),下次你可以點來試試。

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