Můj šálek kávy, Prague

The Karlín district, bordered by the Vltava River and Holešovice to the north, used to be more of blue-collar area but today is one of Prague’s rejuvenated neighbourhoods with tree-lined streets and hipster types walking their dogs. The one establishment most responsible for this sea change is arguably Můj šálek kávy, a laidback café run by Czech specialty coffee roasters Doubleshot.

Můj šálek kávy, which means “my cup of coffee” in Czech, offers espresso-based beverages, of course, but its focus is on filter coffee, the better to highlight the Fair Trade beans that Doubleshot sources from around the world. But the consistently awesome coffee isn’t the only draw.

Enter and you will be greeted by fresh-faced baristas and a cheerful, bright environment. (Not to mention smoke-free, a rarity in the Czech capital where indoor smoking is permitted in nearly every F&B establishment.) The feature wall is a gigantic mural in faded yellows and blues on exposed brick. The vibe is vibrant, as are the clientèle.

Most of whom, apparently, come here for the food as much as the coffee. In particular breakfast and the weekend brunch. From the usual eggs any way you like it (poached, scrambled, omelettes, etc.) to a rather tasty pulled pork focaccia, there’s something for everyone. Light eaters can opt for the tomato soup or a small slice of quiche. Pastries and pancakes, if you have a sweet tooth.

And if you manage to snag a table outside during summer, be prepared to weather envious eyes. It’s understandable: this would be the perfect spot to read a book, sip your coffee and watch very good-looking Czech citizens walk past. The smart ones will stop by for a coffee too.

Ah yes, Můj šálek kávy is definitely our cup of coffee.

而Můj šálek kávy 便是眾多咖啡館中的佼佼者。

中文翻譯成“我的咖啡” 的Můj šálek kávy 以自家烘焙的咖啡豆為主打,

Můj šálek kávy
Křižíkova 386/105, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Czech Republic
Mon-Sat 9am-10pm / Sun 10am-6pm
+420-725-556 944