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Sangenjaya is not a touristy destination so visitors to Tokyo generally don’t think of coming to this quiet neighbourhood. So it was a surprise when, a day before leaving Tokyo, we take our Japanese friend Satomi to this place—for coffee naturally.

Satomi tells us that she has worked for many years in Tokyo but she has never been to Sangenjaya. Perhaps this is a good reason to have visitors to your country: we certainly haven’t been to everywhere in Malaysia; being a guide is as good a reason as any.

We soak up the ambiance of two cafés in this neighbourhood—Café Obscura and Nozy Coffee. Let’s talk about the latter first. Just a block away from the verdant Setagaya Park, this café has its coffee bar in the basement with a roaster in the adjacent room. It’s not a large place but brightly lit.

A few tables and chairs, the sound and aroma of coffee being brewed and beans being roasted: a simple décor and atmosphere for an extraordinary café.

Why extraordinary? In our minds, Japanese baristas are very professional (still true here) and hence may come off as a tad serious and sombre. Add the language barrier and we rarely have any opportunity to chat with them the way we do in other countries.

However, the baristas at Nozy Coffee completely have completely changed our impression. They welcome us warmly, discuss their favourite coffees and ours, and for the brief time that we are here, we feel like we are in a coffee bar at home.

Approachable, gracious, friendly, sunlit and joyous: this is how all café experiences ought to be.

我們在這區共泡了兩家咖啡館,分別是Nozy Coffee 和 Café Obscura。
Nozy Coffee 雖佔地兩層樓,但地方其實并不大,

不過Nozy Café的兩位咖啡師卻顛覆了我對日本咖啡師的原有印象。
Nozy Café也許不是最美的,咖啡也許也不是最讓我驚喜的,

Nozy Coffee
2-29-7 Shimouma, Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0002, Japan
Mon-Sun 11am-7pm

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  1. 收銀台前面的那張卡片好美麗啊

    感覺就像在看日本咖啡館分享的書 (:

    1. 我們忘了問呢,希望下次還有機會再回去,呵呵。

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