These days, the latest fad seems to be fashion boutiques that double up as cafés. Usually this is no more than an excuse to serve half-hearted caffè lattes to would-be fashionistas. At One Ounce for Onion though, the coffee lovers may find a cup that bucks the trend.

The café is a collaboration between niche, multi-brand store Onion and local coffee roaster Brave Roasters. Ekameth “Tay” Wipvasutti, who runs Brave Roasters, first got into coffee when he was studying music at Mahidol University.

Wipvasutti shares, “I went to Chiang Mai in search of good coffee and trained under the owner of Happy Espresso. There, I learned how water ratios and timing affect the flavour profile of espresso coffee. I continued my education by ordering beans from famous roasters in the US and UK.”

After realising most beans available locally were dark roasts, Wipvasutti decided to start roasting his own last year. His single origin beans are decidedly home-grown such as a chocolaty washed coffee from Pa-Mieng Doi Saket, Chiang Mai. Light with berry notes and a spicy aftertaste, this is not a brew one would find everywhere.

Besides filtered coffee, Wipvasutti also makes excellent espresso, perhaps the best I’ve had in Bangkok, which is no mean feat. Syrupy with a lively acidity, just the way I like it. Is this a fashionable espresso? I wouldn’t know, but it sure is really good coffee.

位於曼谷的One Ounce for Onion就是那麼一家咖啡館(Brave Roasters)+服裝店(Onion)的組合。
Brave Roasters的老闆Tay是個年輕小夥子,大學時就讀的是音樂系,
可是後來卻迷上了咖啡,並在清邁一家咖啡館(Happy Espresso)的老闆指導下,

我們抵達時咖啡館時,整好有一批清邁的豆子Pa-Mieng Doi Saket, Chiangmai,
渾厚的口感中帶有迷人的酸,是我們喜歡的espresso 類型。

One Ounce for Onion
Mon-Sun 9am-8pm
+66-2116-6076 / +66-86-388-3303

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February 11, 2014


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