For a minute there, we forget that we are in the tree-lined Soi Sukhumvit 26 of Phrom Phong. We are transported from humid Bangkok to summery Tokyo: all natural light and blonde woods and… bicycles? Sora City is a bicycle company first and foremost, specialising in their own brand of functional and beautiful city bikes. Their vintage-style two-wheelers are all minimalist in design, inspired by the Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetic. All clean lines, just like the café itself. Stylish bicycle frames, saddles, helmets and accessories…Continue Reading “Sora City, Bangkok”

If you love coffee and you love books, you will love Democratic Coffee. (And who wouldn’t, really? Books and coffee go together like Kirk and Spock, like Batman and Robin.) Hidden away inside the Copenhagen public library in Krystalgade, Democratic Coffee is founded by former marketer Oliver Oxfeldt. He stumbled onto his new vocation thanks to a disdain for the lousy coffee that used to be served in the library café! Why “Democratic”, you might wonder? Well, is there a more democratic space than a…Continue Reading “Democratic Coffee, Copenhagen”

Hipsters in Cape Town are flocking to The Old Biscuit Mill, a former – you guessed it – biscuit factory that has undergone a revitalization of sorts and perhaps the key reason for Woodstock’s rapid change. The brick-red façade of the former mill is well-preserved; clean white lines frame it crisply. While many shops have flamboyant store fronts, one stands apart due to its distinct lack of colour. Espresso Lab Microroasters is all black and white with occasional spots of crimson to draw your attention….Continue Reading “Espresso Lab Microroasters, Cape Town”

Sometimes good things can happen when things go wrong. There we were, at our hotel lobby, wondering what to eat and where to go, when it started drizzling. A full rainstorm would ensue later, but since we were in the Bugis heritage area, there was still time to wander around and check out options closer to the hotel. (Plus, this is Singapore. It’s not exactly the largest place in the world.) As luck would have it, barely a couple of minutes away by foot, we…Continue Reading “Curious Palette, Singapore”

The Karlín district, bordered by the Vltava River and Holešovice to the north, used to be more of blue-collar area but today is one of Prague’s rejuvenated neighbourhoods with tree-lined streets and hipster types walking their dogs. The one establishment most responsible for this sea change is arguably Můj šálek kávy, a laidback café run by Czech specialty coffee roasters Doubleshot. Můj šálek kávy, which means “my cup of coffee” in Czech, offers espresso-based beverages, of course, but its focus is on filter coffee, the…Continue Reading “Můj šálek kávy, Prague”