Hidden in the somewhat shabby back streets of Collingwood is perhaps the crown jewel of the city’s café scene, Proud Mary. The warehouse-style café was opened in 2009 by Nolan Hirte who has assembled a crew of dedicated baristas, usually skinny, tattooed and bearded (the men, that is), to pump out great coffee non-stop.

The warm red brick walls, communal tables and high stools are matched by a colourful crowd of customers. There’s a vibrant vibe here: these juice junkies eagerly await their orders from the bar that is stocked with all manner of brewing equipment – pour-over, syphon, French press, Aeropress, and even a Clover coffee machine.

Proud Mary, Melbourne

With their gigantic six-group custom-made Synesso espresso machine, complete with a special steam wand operated via a foot pedal, it’s no wonder some of Melbourne’s award-winning baristas such as John Vroom and Kris Wood were trained here.

We enjoy a cup each of Ethiopia Sidamo Guji and El Salvador San Joaquin. The Eastern African brew has fruity notes of apricot and passion fruit whereas the Central American coffee is subtler with a light hazelnut flavour.

It’s obvious the crew at Proud Mary take real pride in making and serving great cups of coffee — and how fortunate are we, this means every cup is a real pleasure.

Proud Mary, Melbourne

於2009年開業的Proud Mary,是墨爾本另一家著名的咖啡館。
還有手沖咖啡所用的虹吸壺French press和Aeropress。
而John Vroom 和Kris Wood這些獲獎的咖啡師都曾在這接受訓。

Proud Mary, Melbourne

Proud Mary, Melbourne

Proud Mary, Melbourne

頂著光環的Proud Mary沒讓我們失望。
東非的衣索比亞西達摩谷吉(Ethiopia Sidamo Guji)的豆子散發百香果和杏桃的誘人果香,
而中美洲的薩爾瓦多聖約克(El Salvador San Joaquin)則帶來了淡淡的榛果味道。
我們花了四十分鐘左右的時間,慢慢的從市中心步行到Proud Mary這。

Proud Mary
172 Oxford St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm; Sat & Sun 8am-4pm

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June 5, 2014


PS:里面喝咖啡的人看起来都很快乐! 😀

Yes, well. There were plenty of eye candy of all stripes, shapes and sizes. Let’s leave it at that, haha.

P. S. Coffee brings smiles to the world!

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