There appears to be an affinity between specialty coffee and cute, furry rabbits. At least it seems that way: we’ve visited Alice in Wonderland-inspired White Rabbit Room in Munich and a “warren” of Casa Lapin cafés in Bangkok (Lapin being French for, what else, rabbit), and enjoyed beans roasted by Rabbithole Coffee in Hong Kong.

Our latest “beans and bunny” encounter is Red Rabbit Coffee Co., a café and roastery in Wellington, New Zealand. Founded by Kiwi barista Steve Barrett, who had previously worked at Square Mile Coffee Roasters in Leeds, UK, Red Rabbit is unassuming and unpretentious. Our kind of café.

Expect excellent espressos courtesy of Red Rabbit’s Kees van der Westen Spirit (a customised and rather dear espresso machine). Go with their flat white if you like milk coffee with less milk and more of a kick. The filter coffee menu is nothing to sniff at either: with a trio of single origin beans and different brewing methods (Chemex, V60, or Swiss Gold) at any one time, there’s a cuppa for every palate.

Roasting is done in-house; it’s hard not to notice their Probat roaster and bags of green beans at the back of the café. Don’t forget to try some of the baked goodies by Leeds Street Bakery, a small artisan bakery next door. The freshly baked treats are supplied through a rather cute hole in the wall. A “rabbit hole”, yes?

Enjoy your cuppa and a chat with the baristas: they’re some of the friendliest we’ve met anywhere in the world.

拜訪過了曼谷的兔子屋Casa Lapin和慕尼黑的白兔房White Rabbit Room,
這次我們來到遠在南半球紐西蘭的紅兔子咖啡公司Red Rabbit Coffee Co。
這家小巧的紅兔子位於威靈頓的Leeds St尾端,


Red Rabbit Coffee Co.
Hannah Factory Laneway, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Mon-Fri 7:30am-3:30pm / Sat 8:30am-4pm / Sun closed

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September 5, 2015


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