While wandering around looking for a specialty café along Auckland’s Queens Wharf (and not quite finding it till the following day — a story for another time), we stumble upon a pop-up in the foyer of a bank building.

Lit by natural light from the waterfront, Scratch Pop-up offers the best of both worlds — freshly baked goodies and freshly brewed coffee. The former is courtesy of Scratch Bakery, an Auckland-based purveyor of lovingly crafted baked goods; the latter supplied by Three Beans Coffee Roasters, another Auckland mainstay founded by Jonny McKessar in 2010.

Scratch Bakery’s central kitchen at City Works Depot is where regulars drop by for their trademark pork belly apple cider pies and peanut butter & dark chocolate brioche. Here at the pop-up, we go scone-crazy: the spinach, feta, onion, mushroom & olive mini scone is packed full of green goodness, while their bacon and leek is to-die-for. More, please.

However, this is a coffee blog, after all, and it’s the coffee that captures our attention here. The barista, Michael Tan, explains that Three Beans Coffee Roasters has two signature blends: Gangster Rabbit, a smooth and sweet blend that combines nutty Tanzania, creamy Brazil, and Guatemala for body and balance; Raging Rhino, a fair trade organic blend that has a blueberry spark we recognize from the inclusion of Ethiopia Sidamo.

Michael, who is half-Kiwi and half-Malaysian (his father hails from Penang), recommends the Gangster Rabbit for a flat white and the Raging Rhino for a long black. Delicious cups, these.

Michael also runs a boutique artisan coffee roasting company called Meebz Coffee. Having owned and operated a franchise café and competed as a barista before, Michael is now turning his attention to organic blends and single origin coffees from small-yield cooperatives and estates. It’s not a new trend but it’s the individuals who inspire with their passion for everything coffee when we meet them around the world. Michael is definitely one of them.

So, we didn’t find the café we were originally looking for. What we found instead has us beaming instead.

在這家名叫Scratch Pop-up 的咖啡館裡,
除了可以享用由Scratch Bakery新鮮烘焙的糕點外,
還能品嘗到來自Three Beans Coffee Roasters的咖啡。

咖啡師 Michael 向我們介紹這裡的兩支綜合豆子;
流氓兔子Gangster Rabbit和憤怒的犀牛Raging Rhino。
前者由坦桑尼亞、巴西和瓜地馬拉組成,順滑可口,適合用來調製Flat White。
製成Long Black,口感更佳。
除了在這裡當咖啡師外,他本身也經營了一家叫Meebz Coffee的烘豆坊。

Scratch Pop-up Bakery
Rabobank Building
2 Commerce St, Britomart
Auckland CBD, New Zealand
Mon-Fri 7.30am-3pm / Sat 9am-3pm / Sun closed
Scratch Bakers: www.scratchbakers.co.nz
Three Beans Coffee Roasters: www.threebeans.co.nz

Also, learn more about Meebz Coffee, Tan’s boutique roastery at www.meebzcoffee.co.nz

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January 26, 2015


Yup, we thought the two blends have awesome names too! Can you think of any other “Animal Planet” style possibilities? How about Manic Mongoose or Caffeinated Cobra? 😛

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