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Our first visit to Screaming Beans was two years ago. At the time we were returning from our South American journey and transiting at Schipol Airport. Given eight hours of transit time, we opted to take a 20-minute train to Amsterdam and walk around the city.

We’ve been here several times before so the canals and “coffee shops” were familiar to us. Ah, but now we had the opportunity to track down a real espresso and brew bar. The real stuff – by which I mean coffee, and not other stimulating substances.

Unfortunately the original outlet of Screaming Beans was being renovated at the time so we couldn’t try the brews there. The new café-cum-restaurant at Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat had just opened though so we headed there instead. We had some Yirgacheffe brewed using Aeropress, delightfully floral – we still remember it today. Definitely one of our all-time best cups.

Fast forward a couple of years: this time the original outlet is open. From the simple décor (the bar and pastries at the front; a small kitchen at the rear), Screaming Beans is nothing less than invitingly casual.

To sup, a simple salad is ordered. It’s refreshing – apple, feta cheese, rocket leaves, crunchy walnuts. But no one comes here just for the salads, do they?

Yes, the coffee.

This time it’s a hand-brewed El Salvador. Unlike most cafés, the brewing takes place in front of the customer to bring you closer to the barista. A visual feast but also a great opportunity to ask questions.
Do ask questions.


第一次拜访Screaming Beans是在两年前,
當時很不巧的,Screaming Beans的原店正在裝修,

這次趁著來荷蘭工作之便,我再度造訪Screaming Beans的原店。
我點了一杯手沖薩爾瓦多El Salvador和一份沙拉。

Screaming Beans: Original Coffeebar
Hartenstraat 12, 1016 CB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm / Sat 9am-5pm / Sun 10am-5pm

Kenny is a writer. CK is a photographer. Together they café-hop around the world and have contributed to The Malay Mail Online, Time Out, and other cool publications. Read more of Kenny’s stories at Life for Beginners and check out CK’s photography at Devil's Tales 胡思亂想.

12 thoughts on “Screaming Beans, Amsterdam

        1. 其實很多Barista在他們off day時,都會去其他咖啡館,觀摩觀摩嘛。我們在巴黎時也遇過,呵呵。

  1. 噢噢 ~~~~~~
    我想說 …. 為什麼你們的咖啡 每次都有帥哥
    而且 每次他們都願意讓你拍美美很專注的照片 很厲害啊
    ( opps….. 你看 大家的focus point 同樣的 … 哈哈哈 )

    很喜歡你每次拍攝的咖啡館 都讓我想去 ^^

    1. 我都是趁他們忙著煮咖啡時去拍的,他們要不專注也不行,哈哈。

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