The Strictly Coffee Company, Dunedin

It’s the colour that captures your attention.

From the outside, Bath St. (just off the Octagon) in Dunedin can seem rather grungy. That is until you stumble upon a fire-engine red façade. Brick walls painted a red far more intense than the red of the original bricks, one supposes. Against a white rectangle bright red letters announce that you’ve discovered The Strictly Coffee Company.

A stalwart of the Dunedin coffee scene for over 17 years, The Strictly Coffee Company is, as its name suggests, absolutely serious about coffee. Head Roaster Jarrod Baigent stands guard over the roasting of espresso blends that are supplied to around 500 cafés and restaurants throughout New Zealand’s South Island.

But for the two of us, we who are thirsty and weary of feet, The Strictly Coffee Company is a place to stop and rest and enjoy a cuppa. The décor here is retro-chic with different rooms featuring various artworks and an open courtyard that is warmed by the sun.

It’s here, in this urban garden, that we recover, surrounded by greenery and an aggressive mural by a Kiwi graffiti artist. The building itself is over a century old, previously housing a stamp-maker’s workshop. So we recuperate, amidst nature and history.

And the fiery red of the brick walls. Never forget that. Bold, like the coffee.

但尼丁八角廣場附近的Bath St街上也許行人不多,
不過這裡卻隱藏著一家口碑不錯的咖啡館The Strictly Coffee Company。
從大老遠就能看到,來到Bath St你就絕對不會找錯地點。


The Strictly Coffee Company
23 Bath Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
Mon-Fri 7:30am-4pm / Sat-Sun closed