If you’re strolling along the picturesque margins of the historic Lakes in Copenhagen, chances are you wouldn’t mind some coffee and a little bite afterwards. (Even a slow walk whilst enjoying the view must count as exercise, surely?) One good spot to resolve these minor cravings is Estate Coffee, small coffee shop across the street from the Planetarium. Founded in 2000 by Søren Sylvest, Estate Coffee is a pioneer of the Danish specialty coffee scene, offering lighter roasts when that was still a wild concept….Continue Reading “Coffee First, Copenhagen”

If you love coffee and you love books, you will love Democratic Coffee. (And who wouldn’t, really? Books and coffee go together like Kirk and Spock, like Batman and Robin.) Hidden away inside the Copenhagen public library in Krystalgade, Democratic Coffee is founded by former marketer Oliver Oxfeldt. He stumbled onto his new vocation thanks to a disdain for the lousy coffee that used to be served in the library café! Why “Democratic”, you might wonder? Well, is there a more democratic space than a…Continue Reading “Democratic Coffee, Copenhagen”

Sunday morning in Copenhagen has the air of barely-woken-up-ness. The city seems to be still stuck in slumber.

When I arrive at the café, its doors had just opened. Inside there is only a single barista, still deep in his calibration tasks. I’m the first customer of the day. Sweet.

This Godthåbsvej coffee shop is the third and newest of The Coffee Collective “bars”; it’s also their head office and roaster. Housed in an industrial building in Frederiksberg, the café has an aged charm that extends to the aforementioned barista. I had already visited their original shop at Jægersborggade and this has a different feel, albeit with the same attention to natural light and space.

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Copenhagen is a colorful, almost fairytale city, despite its location up north. (It’s not as northern as the rest of the Scandinavian countries, so maybe that helps.) Everyone looks for Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, but don’t forget to hunt down a local café to enjoy a freshly brewed cuppa.

The Danish love their coffee and at The Coffee Collective, they take it more seriously than most. The founding team include head barista trainer Klaus Thomsen, the World Barista Champion 2006 and twice Danish Barista Champion, and roast master Casper E. Rasmussen, the World Cup Tasting Champion 2008. Like I said—serious.

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