It’s the last weekend before I head home. Time to inspect the list of London cafés that Kenny drew up for me yet again. There are far too many coffee bars that I’d love to visit but there are only that many hours in a day.

In the end it boils down to a shortlist of cafés that are central and easily accessible. I’m a tourist, after all. Better yet, a café with other great cafés nearby would leapfrog to the top of my list.

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It’s my last day in London, and my friends have invited me out for a Michelin-starred meal. After our lunch, I look at my watch and see that I still have some time before I have to catch my plane.

Dr. Mouse suggested that we adjourn to a café nearby so that we could have afternoon tea. (This is England, after all.) He should have known better though; it’s not tea I’m after. (This blog is called “Coffee for Beginners”, after all.)

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When I first visited London, I discovered that if the locals talked about coffee, inevitably the name Monmouth would come up. This old café initially started in Covent Garden in 1978. In addition to serving and selling coffee, Monmouth also roasted their own beans.

As the business got better over the years, the owners opened another branch near Borough Market. The roastery was then moved to Maltby Street in Bermondsey.

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I arrive at TAP Coffee at exactly noon. It is a Sunday and they had just opened the door, so I am their first customer. Unusually for me, I order a cappuccino, something Kenny would get. I always have my coffee black and his white so we have one of each to photograph.

The café itself is simple and almost unadorned. Old wooden tables and chairs; a chandelier that makes the place cosier rather than distant. The effect is relaxing, happily so.

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If you happen to pass by this shop, you might think it’s only a bicycle shop. Inspect it more closely and you will discover that, in addition to selling biking accessories and attire, it is also a coffee bar!

Rapha Cycle Club is apparently a famous biking club with its own outlets and clothing line, so a café is certainly not something out of the question. My cyclist pals from around the world would definitely love it here.

For me, however, I’m not here for the wheels, if you haven’t guessed that already.

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