The Karlín district, bordered by the Vltava River and Holešovice to the north, used to be more of blue-collar area but today is one of Prague’s rejuvenated neighbourhoods with tree-lined streets and hipster types walking their dogs. The one establishment most responsible for this sea change is arguably Můj šálek kávy, a laidback café run by Czech specialty coffee roasters Doubleshot. Můj šálek kávy, which means “my cup of coffee” in Czech, offers espresso-based beverages, of course, but its focus is on filter coffee, the…Continue Reading “Můj šálek kávy, Prague”

Summer in Prague is a beautiful experience.

Yes, there are more tourists but you can avoid popular sights such as Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square during peak hours by heading into the surrounding neighbourhoods, down tiny streets, for a feel of how locals live.

Instead of posing with statues of saints, we head down to The Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, a Roman Catholic church built in a postmodern style at Jiřího z Poděbrad square. No, we aren’t there for the church but for the lively farmer’s market where foods, flowers and more products from all over the Czech Republic can be found.

To our surprise and delight, there’s even very good coffee!

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On our second day in Prague, we decide to start our morning with another cup of coffee at mamacoffee. This time, instead of our first visit to their downtown outlet, we wander to their original café in the quieter neighbourhood of Londýnská. This café is older and much smaller but benefits from winsome outdoor seating, perfect to enjoy rays of sun streaming through the shrubbery during summer.

Inside plenty of air plants hang from the ceiling and walls, giving the entire space the feel of a bohemian greenhouse. As we aren’t particularly hungry, we only order a walnut muffin to go with our hand-brewed black coffee and cappuccino. Simple but good.

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Just a stone’s throw away from Prague’s Minor Theatre and the city’s well-trod historical walk is a café like none other in the Czech capital. For one thing, the café is strictly non-smoking, and offers free WiFi and an organic vegetarian menu. Certainly an oddity when you consider at most other coffeeshops hereabouts clouds of cigarette smoke hang ominously at all times and rich, meat-heavy dishes dominate.

What really helps mamacoffee (first letter not capitalized for some reason) stand out from the rest of Prague’s cafés is its insistence only offering only Fairtrade coffee with trained staff to advise you on what beans suit you best.

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