Sometimes good things can happen when things go wrong. There we were, at our hotel lobby, wondering what to eat and where to go, when it started drizzling. A full rainstorm would ensue later, but since we were in the Bugis heritage area, there was still time to wander around and check out options closer to the hotel. (Plus, this is Singapore. It’s not exactly the largest place in the world.) As luck would have it, barely a couple of minutes away by foot, we…Continue Reading “Curious Palette, Singapore”

The Populus Coffee and Food Co. is lit by golden light so it always seems the best time of day here. Run by Department of Caffeine and coffee-roasters 2Degrees North Coffee Co., this café is proof collaborations can work splendidly when both parties know exactly what they do best.

The twirly filaments of the chic Edison bulbs aside, it’s the carefully thought-out décor and the clean lines of the staff uniforms – from the servers to the baristas, all dressed in white shirts and the occasional denim apron – that stands out initially. That is, till you taste the coffee and the eats.

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You can’t miss Drury Lane even if you tried.

It’s not only the only café along Tanjong Pagar Road with a red door; its entire storefront is a bright fire-engine red. Inside however, the ambiance is more laidback. Customers wait patiently for their double-shot lattes and long blacks to go. Baristas are brisk but not unfriendly. Next to the coffee bar, a semi-open kitchen offers a view of brunch orders being whipped up.

Upstairs there is ample space, sunlight and an even more unhurried pace. Drury Lane makes a decent argument for being an ideal café to relax and have a conversation or enjoy a good book.

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A labour of love by three Lim siblings (twins Ivan and Terry, and younger brother Mason), Old Hen Coffee Bar is instantly memorable; just its name would make you smile. My partner-in-café-hopping tells me that the Hokkien for “old hen” is “lao gui bu” and I smile; it probably sounds cool in any dialect or language.

(German speakers might agree; “alte Henne” sounds awesome too, right?)

Located along Rangoon Road, the quieter end of Farrer Park, the café serves the usual specialty coffee menu (both espresso and filter coffees). Yet it’s hard not to notice almost everyone nursing their signature cold brew in dark glass bottles.

No better relief or thirst quencher on a hot tropical day in Singapore, really.

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Dear readers, you may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet this month. Let us assure you that, even with home renovations and various deadlines to contend with, we haven’t neglected our café hopping duties in a variety of coffee capitals. Next year, you will see fresh posts on Copenhagen, Wellington, Stockholm, Utrecht, and other caffeinated locales.

Till then, it’s high time we share a few articles that highlight café trends written by Kenny and photographed by CK, all from The Malay Mail Online. Enjoy!

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