The Airstream Garden, Tokyo

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Tokyo is one of our favourite cities in the world for simply wandering around and intentionally getting lost. For it’s hard to truly be lost when you don’t have a definite destination in mind, is it? Every place is a new discovery; every person you meet a fresh opportunity to connect. Everything is an experience.

And so it was one day, after lunch in Omotesando, when we were strolling in the back streets of Shibuya when we came upon quite a sight smack in between two otherwise nondescript buildings. It was a trailer, and not just any ordinary trailer but an American-made Airstream, glistening and retro-looking (though with everything being culled from the past, is anything truly retro these days?).

What’s more, it was also a café.

The Airstream Garden is indeed a coffee bar, albeit located inside a shiny caravan. Rather than gallivanting all over Japan, this camper van is permanently parked here though its distinctive, rounded body shape and well-polished aluminium finish recalls an earlier era. (Probably the 1930s when it was first designed, based in part on the creations of Hawley Bowlus, who was also responsible for Charles Lindbergh’s plane, hence the aeronautical lines.)

Here, besides espresso-based coffee, there are also hot pies (the chocolate pie and the honey sweet potato one are delish) and a daily bento lunch offering. Both beans and bites are prepared by Goost, a local caterer. Inside the trailer there are hangers on the white walls (it also doubles as a tiny photography studio); the wood theme continues from the floor and bar to the staggered wooden steps outside.

Have an adventure… without having to go anywhere at all.

卻在兩棟建築物間意外的看到一輛Airstream 。

這有著復古的外型的Airstream小巴原來是一家咖啡館,就叫The Airstream Garden。

The Airstream Garden
4 Chome-13-8 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Mon-Sun 11am-6pm

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