Bald Neu, Munich

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George Clooney stares at us as we enter the café.

The one-time Batman star (the one with the rubber nipples) may hawking Nespresso machines these days but there’s no sign of those multi-coloured capsules here (thankfully). Instead Bald Neu is one of the few coffee bars in Munich that actually serves Third Wave-style brews.

This is no mean feat considering the Bavarian capital is heavily influenced by their southern neighbour (cue copious amounts of bold Italian espressos). Berlin may be the centre of German specialty coffee but Munich is keen on catching up. Cafés like Bald Neu lead this positive trend.

Opened in 2012 by Maksim Dubilej, Bald Neu has a rough-and-tumble look about it. The décor seems haphazard and unfinished but this sort of lo-fi ambiance does attract hipsters in droves.

It doesn’t really matter because the coffee is awesome. From the cappuccinos to the pour-over brews, every cup arrives at your table after much care in its creation though the seriously cool (or do I mean coolly serious?) baristas maintain an air of nonchalance. Given that they are Germans, trust me: nonchalance here means focused craft.

When we leave, we notice young families with toddlers and babies in tow arriving for their weekend cuppa. The sun is out. (Bald Neu is happily on a street called Sommerstraße, meaning “summer street” in German.)

Even Nespresso-sipping George Clooney would approve.

其中一家就是於2012年開業的Bald Neu。

Bald Neu給人一種‘不修邊幅’的感覺,非常的不‘德國’。

Bald Neu
Sommerstraße 33, 81543 Munich, Germany
Tue-Sat 10am-6pm / Sun 12pm-6pm / Mon closed

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7 thoughts on “Bald Neu, Munich

  1. ooo, is that matt damon’s face pasted beside george?
    i wonder what ‘bald neu’ means … nothing to do with hair, i suppose…
    coffee prices are quite affordable for them germans too … we could save a lot on coffee if only our espressos cost RM2 each 🙂

    1. Can’t tell is it Matt Damon, I didn’t even notice that until you mention it.
      Hmm I also don’t know, let Mr LFB answer that. Hehehe.
      Ya, how nice if our kopi all only cost RM2 each. 😛

    2. I hope it’s not Matt Damon. Otherwise: ouch. 😛

      “Bald” means soon or shortly in German. “Neu” means new. Put them together and you get… the name of a café in Munich, haha.

  2. 我也想说那位横线条t shirt的胡子兄看起来很凶,原来是专注啊XD

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