When you enter The Hangar, Flight Coffee’s HQ on the corner of Willis & Dixon, you can understand how its moniker is more than a nod to the coffee roaster’s name or any aviation theme; this is a place where, after a cup or two, you’d be flying high too… on caffeine, that is.

Home to Nick Clark, the 2013 New Zealand barista champion and 2013 World Barista Championship finalist, and Nic Rapp, the 2015 New Zealand Brewer’s Cup Champion, The Hangar is a coffee hangout with serious clout.

(Is it any wonder Wellington is New Zealand’s de facto coffee capital?)

The menu is awash with a variety of specialty coffees – to be enjoyed as espresso or cold drip or filter (choose from Chemex, V60 or Aeropress). The beans themselves come from around the world, including Colombia, where Flight Coffee is part of Helena, a long term farming project to preserve rare and heirloom varieties of coffee beans.

The aviation theme continues once you realise Flight Coffee has a sibling outlet just a bit further down the road – the more hippie-casual Memphis Belle (which is hardly saying that The Hangar is conservative, not with his hipster cool space).

Loud music, cakes as sweet as sin, and awesome coffee, of course. It’s the Kiwi way.

第一家拜訪的是Flight Coffee Hangar,
一家位於Willis和 Dixon街的轉角處咖啡館。
Flight Coffee是一家咖啡館,同時也是烘豆商,


Flight Hangar Coffee
119 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Mon-Fri 7am-5pm / Sat & Sun 8am-5pm

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December 14, 2015


Really enjoyed this post as well as the photos, which are gorgeous as usual! I really adore sitting in front of the computer, scrolling page after page on your blog and reading post after post – all while drinking a hot cuppa! Loved the aviation theme in this cafe; sadly, I don’t think I’m as fortunate as you guys to be able to travel all around the world and to Wellington to sample coffee! I recently visited Vietnam though, which is home to one of the best coffees in the world (have you guys tried the famous Vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk? It’s delicious!), so that’s a little consolation.

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