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It’s the last weekend before I head home. Time to inspect the list of London cafés that Kenny drew up for me yet again. There are far too many coffee bars that I’d love to visit but there are only that many hours in a day.

In the end it boils down to a shortlist of cafés that are central and easily accessible. I’m a tourist, after all. Better yet, a café with other great cafés nearby would leapfrog to the top of my list.

Finally I decide on Ozone Coffee Roasters and ask a friend who is currently studying in Birmingham to join me. (He’s but a train ride away, hooray.)

I arrive early in the morning before the crowds storm in and choose a window seat, the better to watch the world pass us by. (Okay, it’s really for the natural sunlight for my photography.)

Coffee? Ordered. French toast? Ordered. Now for a little café décor scanning while waiting for my friend.

Wooden chairs and unadorned brick walls offer a taste of what the original place must have looked like. There doesn’t need to be more to attract my eye.

The winter sun outside the window streams in lazily, bringing with it the slightest tendrils of warmth. The usual smells of a coffeeshop drift about; it’s a quiet and happy place.

Ah! My coffee arrives. Though it’s a Kenya Gatomboya AB (rather than AA), there are still the acidity and winey flavours I so love. My French toast is served with a soft, ripe pear poached in ginger syrup and topped with mascarpone.

The subtle aroma of pear, the soft doughy toast – can you blame me for finishing every mouthful before my friend had even arrived?



Ozone Coffee Roasters
11 Leonard St, London EC2A 4AQ, United Kingdom
Mon-Fri 7.30am-5pm / Sat-Sun 9am-4pm

Kenny is a writer. CK is a photographer. Together they café-hop around the world and have contributed to The Malay Mail Online, Time Out, and other cool publications. Read more of Kenny’s stories at Life for Beginners and check out CK’s photography at Devil's Tales 胡思亂想.

2 thoughts on “Ozone Coffee Roasters, London

    1. Haha, ya, the french toast really quite nice, I enjoyed that a lot. The coffee was good too.
      During a cold winter morning, can enjoy such a good food and coffee was a bless. 🙂

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