Usually the sort of cafés we frequent are those that are outside the city centre, hidden in suburbia where rental is more affordable. Even when we discover excellent coffee haunts within the city, they are in tiny standalone outlets. So it’s rare to find a decent espresso bar cum “brew laboratory” in a departmental store, to say the least.

Sensory Lab Roastery, an Australian roaster headed by Ross Quail, has its retail outlet in David Jones at Little Collins St. This is our first coffee stop in Melbourne, and initially we had trouble locating the place as we were looking out for a more “indie” kinda venue.

The clean lines of the shop help lend an authentic laboratory-like ambience to their quest to experiment with “the world’s best beans, from rare single origins to award winning green beans.”

Their bean of the day is a single origin Costa Rica Finca Fidel. If you’ve only had blends for your espresso, do try a single origin for a more distinctive flavour. Our flat white and cappuccino are smooth and chocolatey. What better way to kick-start our Aussie café-hopping adventure than with these easy-to-drink cups?

Sensory Lab Roastery是我們在澳洲拜訪的第一家咖啡館。
它位於市中心Little Collins St. 的David Jones百貨公司裡頭,
它除了是一家咖啡館外,同時還是“沖泡實驗室brew laboratory”哦。
既然沒有手沖咖啡我們就點了一杯flat white和一杯卡布奇諾。
當天espresso用的豆子是當品Costa Rica。

Sensory Lab
297 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Mon-Wed 7:30am-7pm / Thu-Fri 7:30am-9pm / Sat 8:30am-7pm / Sun 9:30am-7pm

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January 2, 2014


右邊的是Mandarin Polenta,口感鬆軟,帶有柑橙的香味。

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