Zhanlu Coffee 湛盧咖啡, Taipei

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The barista before me reminds me of Daria from the 1997 Gen-X MTV anime and also of Neil Gaiman’s sweet goth chick version of Death. She has a tattoo of a playing card spade on her left hand. It could be me but I swear the spade shifts just a little as she brews our coffee.

They say you can read tea leaves, the dregs at the bottom of your teacup when you’ve had your last sip. I can’t but wonder if you could do same with a tattoo of a playing card spade. I’m rambling, of course. It’s probably just the lighting.

Outside the rain keeps falling and our barista’s gentle voice as she explains the profile of the beans we’ve chosen – a Monsoon Malabar is one unusual, happy choice – lulls us to a dreamy state of bliss even before we’ve had a single sip. The aroma of coffee being brewed before us is intoxicating. Such simple pleasure.

She asks us if we are tourists. We tell her we travel from city to city visiting cafés and drinking coffee. She tells us she’s heading to Bangkok soon for a holiday – any recommendations? We write down a list of our favourite coffee bars there for her. The circle of good coffee karma is complete.

Om. Such simple pleasure, this.

更叫我開心的是,這裡竟然有風漬馬拉巴Monsoon Malabar這支有故事的豆子。


湛盧咖啡 Zhanlu Coffee
No. 2-1, Lane 161, Xinsheng South Road Section 1, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Sun-Mon 12pm-10pm

Kenny is a writer. CK is a photographer. Together they café-hop around the world and have contributed to The Malay Mail Online, Time Out, and other cool publications. Read more of Kenny’s stories at Life for Beginners and check out CK’s photography at Devil's Tales 胡思亂想.

7 thoughts on “Zhanlu Coffee 湛盧咖啡, Taipei

  1. “The circle of good coffee karma is complete.
    Om. Such simple pleasure, this.”

    u do yoga or meditation OR simply come into yr mind only?

    1. I’ll let Devil CK answer this since I don’t really recall what Pu-erh tea tastes like and thus can’t compare. He’s a big fan of Monsoon Malabar, I can tell you that much though. 😉

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